Hello and welcome to this week’s comic roundup, this week we have news direct from the Federation – a possible welcome return from one of our favourite DC characters and some more space shenanigans from Marvel. So without further ado let’s hit the final frontier….


Star Trek: The City On The Edge Of Forever

Star-TrekThis week IDW and Star Trek, have revealed a retelling of one of the best episodes, from the original series. Hands up if you remember “The City on the Edge of Forever” – regarded by many as the best episode of the original Star Trek series. The episode was written by the highly talented Harlan Ellison; however the version broadcast wasn’t his full vision. Instead his teleplay was modified before filming on the episode began. Now 47 years later it would seem that thanks to IDW, this will finally be rectified with an all new mini – series beginning this June.  Personally the original series never really got me hooked; however I remember this episode quite fondly and can’t wait to read the original teleplay.



Booster Gold

Booster-GoldOver at Multiversity, they have been given information from an anonymous source that could point to Booster Gold finally getting his own on-going series as early as this June. DC haven’t confirmed this, however there have been rumours of Booster joining the new 52 in his own monthly comic for ages. Personally he’s always been one of the characters that seem to operate in the shadows of DC’s other mainstream characters and I would love to see him get the 52 treatment. Could June be the month? I think it’s a very strong possibility – I guess only time will tell.


All Star Western

All-Star-WesternMoving to the past now and over the last few weeks there have been reports that DC’s All Star Western series was facing the hangman’s noose. A lot of noise indicated that it was going to be cancelled after #31 – well Western fans rejoice and grab your Stetsons because this seems to have been nothing but rumour. Writer Jimmy Palmiotti took to twitter to confirm that DC had not in fact cancelled the series, now until I saw this Ill hold my hands up and admit that this was the first time I’d even heard of the title. However from what I’ve heard, the comments from various sites this is definitely a title that intrigues me. It’s really showed me that I need to dig deeper into the comics that are available especially the more low key ones. What do you think? Have any of you read any of All Star Western? Let me know in the comments below.




ThunderboltsMarvels Thunderbolts is getting a shake up this June, with a new creative team consisting of Ben Acker – Ben Blacker and artist Carlo Barberi. The new team will be jumping straight into the action with the black ops team – with some heavy disagreements on the cards. It will be interesting to see what this team has in store for the team.


Rocket Raccoon

Rocket-RacoonHeading back out into the Galaxy we have news that none other than Rocket Raccoon will be getting his own series this July. Written and drawn by Skottie Young – the new series see’s everyone’s favourite Raccoon become a wanted man. I guess this was more than expected with the attention Rocket’s been getting since the Superbowl trailer – for the upcoming movie. However I’m glad the Racoons getting his own series and I’ll definitely be picking this up in July.


That’s a wrap for this week…till next time…this is Cookie signing out.