Paul B’s opinion

Have you heard this? Nintendo will be shutting down some online functionality for the Wii and DS. That’s right, the Wii (not Wii U) and DS (not 3DS). Because all those promises of being able to play online forever meant nothing to them. Oh wait…

Mario Kart Wii

Say goodbye to online Mario Kart Wii. At least we’ll have online in Mario Kart 8.

Is there anyone still using it?

As you can tell, I think this is going into a rant. So, the scoop is that there’s some games on the Wii and DS that are going to have their services shut down. This is a fairly common practice – a service that is no longer being used by many is going to be axed. And to be honest, the only game I would really miss online is Mario Kart Wii – and the new Mario Kart 8 will be launched later that month anyway. Sure, it might be problematic for some DS owners, but overall I can understand the move. Although I would’ve preferred some sort of reduced service, I can understand the move from Nintendo’s perspective.

Some alarm bells might be ringing for those that haven’t read the full list of affected services, but the browsers, the eshops, the pay and play, internet and youtube are still fine. Oh, and it’s Nintendo titles, so third party games also won’t be ditched (not sure how many are still going anyway..)

[non]Fan reaction

While some have already gone out on twitter and comments boards to say this is the final nail in Nintendo’s coffin, I think that’s really far off base. Considering the legions of people that have – and still do – declare that their Wii has been gathering dust – are you really that sad that a service you don’t use is gone?


Successful long-term online games – Team Fortress 2 is now considered to be a service rather than a package.

Oh, and remember when I said it was standard practice? How many times have EA shut down servers? How many times has Capcom shut down servers – and what has the backlash been? In fact, how many Nintendo games have you bought for their online, either their online play, matchmaking or leaderboards? I’d bet you’re not still playing them religiously now. Sure it’s a little sad, but if you want something that is a complete game that you have forever, then simply stay away from online games altogether. They will all eventually get superseded unless they become another Team Fortress 2 – or other online games that constantly get upgrades and updates. Personally, I think 6 years is actually pretty good for an online service.

Denial > Anger > Bargaining > Depression > Acceptance

It would be awesome if they could switch over to allow non-Nintendo servers to take over, and that would be all fine and dandy – but in the end, as far as I can tell, no other axed services from other developers have had this either.

I think maybe its time to put your money where your mouth is. If you’re really that outraged by Nintendo’s online services being cut, show them it’s economical to do it – play online, use their functionality. Just please stop getting angry over a service you don’t use getting the axe – especially on a system you supposedly don’t play anymore (and yes, I know backwards compatibility and all, but I’d still argue that most of games affected have had a new rendition since). Maybe I’d be a little sad, if I didn’t have a Wii U and am planning to get Mario Kart 8 anyway…

Paul W’s Opinion

111I find this short-sighted. The Wii U is fully backwards compatible with Wii titles. Surely they could be using the Wii software library – perennials such Mario Kart Wii which by all accounts is still quite busy, so bang goes the ‘nobody uses them so it’s pointless!’ argument – as cheap(ish) purchases on the Wii U store and keeping these servers alive? It’s hard not to see turning off the Wii game servers as an attempt to push people towards using the Wii U. Nintendo have done quite well at pushing the Virtual Console on Wii, DSi, 3DS etc so I’m utterly lost as to why they don’t keep these servers alive and (NNNNNGH) monetise (gnaws off own knuckles) games which, even if they don’t want to keep producing physical stock, they have their own electronic store front & all the cash.


  • Hurdy42

    I think Nintendo can afford to lose their online play because, unike Sony or Microsoft, their console and its games are designed for local multiplayer. That’s where their strength lies, and I’d much rather see them focus on that than try to compete online.

  • Andrew Albert

    Tbh it’s not an issue because the online play was either non existent or shoddy. At least in the uk.