Hello and welcome to this weeks comic roundup. This week we have more editorial moves, n update on Sandman: Overture and some interesting news from Valiant. So without further ado…let’s get this show on the road.


Mark Doyle

Mark-DoyleAfter last weeks news that Mike Marts was moving over to Marvel, the question remained – who would DC find to replace him. Now DC have announced their new Group Editor of their Batman line – and I have to say I’m excited. For the new Group Editor is none other than Mark Doyle. Mark has been working over at Vertigo bringing us amazing titles such as American Vampire and The Wake. Helping to bring them from inception to publication. It’s a great time for him to join the Nat team, especially with the 75th Anniversary around the corner. It’s going to be great to see what his editorial expertise brings to the table. Even more exciting for me is the fact that Snyder and Doyle have worked together so successfully before – working on the previously mentioned titles. Bringing these two together for Bats seems to be a pure stroke of genius and I can’t wait to see the results of this new team.




SandmanSad news for Sandman fans this week as it appears that issue 2 of the new series – Overture has slipped even further. Originally set for release in December it was delayed until this month. However the latest solicitations have it penned in to hit the shelves the last week of March. It seems to be a long wait but I’m sure it will be worth it, especially with Neil Gaiman on board – fingers crossed it doesn’t get pushed back even further.



Valiant First

Valiant-FirstThis week Valiant have lifted the lid on a new publishing initiative entitled Valiant First. Going live in May the new initiative sees a brand new #1 series debut each month throughout 2014. The main goal is to allow a clear jump on point for potential new readers, it’s looking to be a nice move. Already lined up are stellar characters such as Rai, Bloodshot and Doctor Mirage. Things are looking up at Valiant and it’s going to be interesting to see the relaunch hit the shelves.




Shang-ChiOver at Marvel this week, they’ve finally taken the plunge and given Shang-Chi his own story. Spinning out from Avengers World, Marvel have gone on to describe his new adventure as Bruce Lee meets Jason Bourne. I quite like the character and can’t wait to see how he appears in his own story. What do you all think?




COWLImage have revealed a new series launching this May, which has managed to certainly peak my interest. The new series entitled C.O.W.L by Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel and Rod Reisis is set in the sixties. It follows a labour union of Superheroes who have to work together regain the confidence of the public whilst ferreting out the dangers both inside and outside their office. Its certainly got an interesting spin and poses the question – what happens when superheroes are no longer the beacon of hope they once were?


That’s it for this week, till the next time – this is Cookie signing out.

  • http://themaladaptivedaydream.wordpress.com/ dmosbon

    For a mini-series, Sandman Overture to be delayed seems rather odd & by the time it gets a release date I’m certain to have to reread the first issue!

    • http://www.nerdsassemble.co.uk/ milliways

      I do wonder what kinds of “production” issues are affecting the whole thing.

      • http://themaladaptivedaydream.wordpress.com/ dmosbon

        Surely not the story knowing how Neil G goes about his writing?

        • http://www.nerdsassemble.co.uk/ milliways

          How does he go about his writing?