Hello and welcome to another comic roundup, this time we have news from Deadpool, Mark Millar and some secrets have been revealed in DC’s Earth 2. So grab a seat – a drink and perhaps a cookie and let’s jump straight in…


Earth 2

Earth-2This week things took a rather sinister yet intriguing turn in DC’s Earth 2. For some time now if you’ve been following the series, there’s been one rather bug question. Who the hell is the new Batman? We’ve had hints dropped, he’s certainly got some history with Bruce Wayne, and we know he has super powers – even though it’s for only a set period of time. It’s a question that’s been bugging readers for some time, with some interesting speculation and ideas behind the true identity of the man behind the bat. Now with the release of Earth 2: Annual #2 the truth is finally out! Boy was I not expecting this little twist, turning things on their head. Now I’m not one for spoilers so if you want to know the identity click on the link below.


Abstract Studios

Rachel Rising

Rachel-RisingA rather intriguing competition has been set by Terry Moore, for fans of his Rachel Rising series published by Abstract. Over on his own site you can find details of how you can become the latest victim of this ten years old murder spree! Yes you read that right, now you can be immortalised forever in this dark comic series, as the latest murdered victim of this little monster. So if you fancy being the victim…head on over via the link below. Perhaps I’ll be seeing your grizzly demise later this year!


Image Comics


StarlightMark Millar has teased us over at CBR this week with the first few images from his new series – Starlight. The new series will see Millar teaming up with Goran Parlov in a homage to the classic sci-fi serials of yesteryear. In a twist though the story will focus on Duke, a guy who once saved an Alien race by rocketing to the stars. After years of domestic bliss however, Duke looks to the stars once more craving another adventure. This will be the next stage for the Millarworld Universe, and is getting me rather excited for what is yet to come.


Mark Millar

Mark-MillarStaying with Millarworld now and it would appear that Mark Millar has some great plans for his new shared universe. With his hopes to have his new expanded Universe fully formed in the next three years. In fact it would appear that in an interview over at CBR, he has revealed that he has nine new titles planned over the next three years. These include the fore mentioned Starlight, MPH, Kick Ass 3, Nemesis 2 and Kindergarten Heroes. What’s also interesting is the fact that Millar may be expanding his own universe, but he realises that we don’t twelve rushed issues of each series. He is going to be happy to just tell the full story over an eight issue arc – but with everything being interconnected in one big universe. I’m really looking forward to see how this pans out…



Superior Spider-Man

Superior-SpidermanBorn out of the pages of Superior Spider-Man, the series Superior Foes of Spider-Man has proven to be popular with fans. So when it was revealed that Peter Parker was returning in April and Superior Spider-Man was ending – a big question mark was hanging over Superior Foes. Now however it has been revealed that the series will remain on-going for the time being, proving that perhaps occasionally crime can pay for this new Sinister Six. I’m quite pleased that we will be able to see more of the new Beetle character, I just wonder whether we will see how Mr Parker deals with these new foes.



DeadpoolFinally Deadpool fans have managed to get a glimpse of his future spouse – appearing at the end of third chapter of “Deadpool: The Gauntlet.” Of course Our favourite Merc couldn’t meet his betrothed in normal circumstances and I was quite amused about how they met in supernatural circumstances. It certainly fit the character quite well, and has left me intrigued about their relationship will blossom. Again I really don’t want to spoil it for those that haven’t has chance to read it yet – but if you do want to see who it was then click the link below.


That’s it for another week, was there any thing I might have missed? What do you think to the above stories – let us know in the comments below. This is Cookie signing out once more…till next time.