Hello and welcome to this week’s comic roundup. This week we have news from Valiant and plans for a huge anniversary, Wolverine changes his career and Dark Horse lifts the Veil on a new series. So without furhter ado lets get this show on the road…


X-0 Manowar

X-0-manowarValiant have announced a bumper issue for X-O Manowar #25, a special 48 page issue will hit the stands this May. With the promise of a great stand alone story and the perfect time for new readers to jump on board as the creative team of Robert Venditti and J.G. Jones get to retell the origin of our hero. I’ve always heard great things about X-O, but have yet had the time to give it a go, perhaps May will be time for me to jump on board!


Dark Horse Comics


VielRenowned writere Greg Rucka is coming to Dark Horse Comics in March with his all new creator owned adventure – Veil. Shrouded in mystery since its initial announcment last year, Newsarama managed to grab an interview with Greg, last week – in the attempt to sneak some info from him. From what I’ve read so far its certainly sounding to be an intriguing read, and although in the interview – Greg has kept rather tight lipped. All it’s managed to do is intrigue me more. The new herione seems to have amnesia and it involves some rats! Im looking forward to seeing this story unravel, are you?




WolverineThis week saw the Marvel NOW relaunch of Wolverine #1 hitting the stands. However when I saw some titbits over at Newsarama, I admit to my jaw dropping and hitting the floor. With events unfolding, I was caught a little off guard and not sure what to make of it all. The events of Killable certainly seem to have sent my favourite mutant into a path I wasn’t expecting…but then is anything as it seems? If you want the spoilers then head over to the original artical via the link below.


Mike Marts

Mike-MartsAlso this week, Marvel have announced a new addition to the editorial team. Moving from DC in February – Mike Marts will join Marvel as executive editor. At DC Mike Marts was Batman group editor, overseeing much of Grant Morrisons run on the character and the succesful Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run. Of course this isnt his first time at Marvel, previously working there as senior editor. I’m looking ofrward to seeing his influence over at Marvel and this can only mean good things are on their way.



Geoff Johns

Geoff-JohnsOver at DC they have announced a dream team partnership are taking over the reigns on Superman. Step forward Geoff Johns, whose last stint on Superman was over a decade ago, with an amazing run on Action Comics. Johns will be joined by Marvel visionary John Romita JR and Klaus Johnson. Im super hyped to see what this dream team can bring to last son of Krypton. This should make for some beautiful, amazing stories taking the Superman title to new heights.


That’s all for this week – till next time this is Cookie signing out.