Things are getting weird again in the main story arc for X-Files Season 10. As the title for this issue suggests: X makes a reappearance. Piling on more mystery, seems at this point, to be the main aim with Joe Harris’s plotting.

X-Files season 10 is 8 img 1School Days

Taking us back to 1987 and a school, we get to learn more about X, the mysterious government informant/operative that helped Mulder out over several seasons of the TV series. This makes it six years before when season one is set.

There’s an interesting use of colours by Michael Walsh during the series of flashbacks to ’87. Greys dominate most of the time, expect for splashes of red that are occasionally used for some characters and objects. It’s an intriguing use of potential visual metaphors, with the human side of what is going on all dull and grey when it’s alive and the more ET elements (and that which has been affected by said elements) in bright red. It’s almost as if there’s no life left in humanity. That it doesn’t have any more to offer. This ties in nicely with much of the alien related plots from the TV series.

X-Files season 10 is 8 img 2Old digs

Back in the present, in one scene, Scully and Mulder end up at Mulder’s old apartment in D.C. after the current tenants ask for him to come and pick something up.

The couple who live there now are cute and lends the first real signal that Harris is willing to take risks that Chris Carter couldn’t with the original series (it was a Fox production that started in the 90s). I don’t know if we’ll see them again, but it’s nice to know that some more progressive thinking has now made its way into the X-Files universe.

EmgoodWorth reading?

Of course if you’ve stuck with it, then keep going. Those who may have jumped on during the last two issues may be a tad confused if they’ve never seen the TV show. At this point I’m really getting into Season 10, a decent level of mystery has been created, but I am hoping that it doesn’t become too reliant on flashbacks – this is the second issue in a row to make extensive use of them.

Issue eight of  The X-Files: Season 10  is out now and should be available from services like Comixology and in stores.