“Hosts” Part 1 starts off innocently enough, but it soon becomes apparent that the human fluke worm hybrid mutant things from season 2 episode “The Host” are back  and thriving.

When we join Mulder and Scully, we see that the closing events of issue 5 have come to bear and the pair are no longer living under aliases. They’ve come full circle and are yet again Special Agents in the FBI assigned to The X-Files.

XFiles season issue 6 img 1Back in the game

Dust sheets covering everything, it seems that no amount of need for office space has demanded that their old basement haunt be repurposed. What has changed, however, are the priorities of the FBI. Or at least as far as they have ever been depicted in The X-Files universe. While Scully and Mulder have never had carte blanche, their new supervisor, Assistant Director Anna Morales, keenly impresses on the pair to remain accountable and not to escalate costs with direct references to cut backs in the American public sector.

Sure, if this was any other piece of fiction, I’d scream at the economy being mentioned yet again. But here it’s a necessary modernising force added to the continued suspension of disbelief necessary to enjoy the franchise.

XFiles season issue 6 img 2Like Jaws

Heading out to Martha’s Vineyard, Mulder begins living a shorter version of Jaws. Joe Harris (who has written all previous issues)  does a superb job of portraying the right level of disregard for human life by the local authorities due to the threat of economic ruin. Meanwhile the art of Elena Casagrande and Silvia Califano  populates the seaside town with a convincing number of sun worshipping tourists to further underpin the selfishness of the powers that be.

The arguments used and the scenes shown will be familiar to anyone who lives in an area that depends upon tourism as the main source of income for its economy. Another, more chilling, degree of realism deftly pulled off. This all contrasts nicely with the mess that Mulder manages to get himself in.

EmgoodWorth a read?

Technically, you could read this issue of the comic without having watched the TV series or read the previous issues of season 10. But where’s the fun in that? Regardless, this is a nice evolution from the series opening and I’m excited to see where things will go.

Issue six of  The X-Files: Season 10  is out now and should be available from services like Comixology and in stores.