Hello and welcome to this week’s comic roundup. The first for the new year and boy have their been some stories! Ive been keeping an eye on the comics industry over the festive period. So grab a pew and a drink and lets get the show started….


Star Wars

Star-WarsFirst up last week Disney took centre stage to announce that from 2015, Marvel would be taking over duties on the Star Wars franchise. I guess it was always going to happen. Just a matter of time, yet I have to admit I was a little saddened by the announcement. In the hands of Dark Horse, the Star Wars universe has blossomed. Thanks to their understanding and respect for the franchise I’ve been able to enjoy some truly great story arcs, and watch beloved characters grow.
I can see why Disney have done this, it makes great buisness sense, l just hope Marvel shows it the same love and respect.

Dead Pool

deadpoolStaying with Marvel now onto some great news involving everyones favourite merc with a mouth – Deadpool. If you weren’t already aware Deadpool is set to make himself an honest man, walking down the aisle later this year.To mark the occasion Marvel have invited a very special guest – Gail Simone. Its been ten years since Gail his written anything for Marvel, but shes always had a soft spot for our favourite merc and it looks like she couldn’t resist the opportunity to take part in this bumper issue – scheduled to hit shelves this April. Personally I cant wait to get hold of this issue.


SpidermanWrapping up the Marvel side of things – one or their most beloved characters is making a triumphant return this March. Since issue 700 Peter Parker has been languishing, trapped inside his body, as Doc Ock has taken centre stage in Superior Spiderman. Now though Peter is set to return reclaiming his life and mantle as the one true Spiderman. Superior has for me breathed new life into Spidey, but I’ll be glad to see the return of Mr Parker.


Green Lantern

SinestroMeanwhile over at DC towers, the silence has broken on one of their new books – set to be released later this year. One of my favourite villains/ anti heroes is going to get their own title. Step forward Sinestro! Taking place after the events in Forever Evil 4, as we find out whether Sinestro will take back the Yellow Lantern Corps or follows a new path. The new title will debut in April.

Archaia Entertainment


HacktivistActress Alyssa Milano is turning her talents to the comic book world, this month. Teaming up with artist Marcus To and writers Jackson Lanzing and Colin Kelly, welcome to the world of Hacktivist. Published by Archaia Entertainment, in a four issue limited series, Hacktivist is being described as a fast paced cyber-thriller about friendship and freedom. Its a title that has grabbed my attention especially with the main characters using social media!


Humanoids Inc


BarbarellaIt would appear that Humanoids Inc home big plans for 2014, with a new adaptation of a sci-fi classic. Bringing back the racy Barbarella, a heroine who fuelled the dreams of many a teenage boy especially with the movie starring Jane Fonda. In charge of the new adaptation is writer Kelly Sue DeConnick of Pretty Deadly fame. With a modern sensibility and the promise of it sticking more closely to the provocative tone of the original, I’m excited to see the finished article.

That it for this week, until next time this is Cookie signing out.

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    That Gail Simone Deadpool news is quite interesting, considering her “split” from Marvel many moons ago.