It’s time once more to delve into the latest news from the world of comics, this week we see the return of one of my favourite childhood heroes in his own series, the future is looking bleak for our man without fear and another unexpected face is back. So let’s get this show on the road….


Flash Gordon

Flash-GordonDynamite has made me giddy with excitement this week. They have already hit my radar by bringing back one of my all time favourite heroes – Flash Gordon. We’ve already seen him reunite with the Phantom and Mandrake in Kings Watch, but now Flash is getting his own series set to debut this April. The new series will be written by Jeff Parker joined by artist Evan “Doc” Shaner and colourist Jordie Bellaire. Just in time for Flash’s 80th anniversary, Flash will be once more attempting to foil Ming the Merciless and his hunger for galactic domination. I can’t wait to see more of Flash this year it’s a welcome return…I think it’s about time I blew the dust off of my copy of Flash Gordon and get ready for issue one!

Solar: Man of the Atom

Solar-Man-of-the-AtomThey have also announced another returning face, set to get their own on-going series this April. Another Gold key character, step forward Solar: Man Of The Atom. A character I fondly remember reading as a child I’ll be looking forward to grabbing this in one of its variant covers announced at the the same time. Written by Frank J. Barbiere and featuring the art of Joe Bennett,
Solar was always a wonderful character to follow, definitely one to watch out for.



DaredevilThis April marks a very special anniversary for my favourite lawyer – Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. It’s been fifty years this April since Matt first took to the rooftops of Hells Kitchen. I still can’t believe it myself but Marvel are going to celebrate with a very special story penned by Mark Waid with artistic talent from Javier Rodriguez. However rather than focus on his past triumphs, we’re being promised a very special story focussing on the Man Without Fear’s future. A glimpse into the future for our hero, with a tease of glimpses of what’s in store for the rest if the year for eagle eyed readers. This should be an anniversary to blow us away!

Daredevil2Staying with our intrepid Daredevil, Marvel have also shown a glimpse of what to expect from Daredevil #36. Out next month by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, this issue is set to shock us to the core. Showing us just how fearless the Man Without Fear truly is, setting his path for 2014. Has Matt really nowhere to run? Time to find out as the showdown we’ve all been waiting for with the Sons Of The Serpent finally comes to a head. I can’t wait.

Avengers Assemble

Avengers-AssembleIn other news from Marvel, Avengers Assemble is coming to an end with #25. Sadly this Avengers series will be ending with an all out war in New York City! I do however have to wonder if it’s truly the end or will we see it rebooted in the coming months? I guess only time will tell but I’m kinda guessing we will prob see this line up of Avengers returning sooner or later.



ShadowmanValiant have announced a new mini series starring one of my favourite characters – Shadowman. I remember reading the comics in my teens and even playing the original PlayStation game – which I thoroughly enjoyed. The new three issue mini series is due to launch – can you guess? Yep this April – written by Peter Milligan and acclaimed artist Valentine De Landro, entitled End Times. Jack Boniface is back but with Shadowman being pushed right to the edge can he survive this time? I’m looking forward to reading this….I haven’t read any Shadowman since my teens so to delve back into the character – to see how he’s changed is getting very tempting.

That’s all for this week so this is Cookie signing out – till next time.

  • milliways

    I like what Dynamite have done in their relaunch of Red Sonja, that Gail Simone has been heading up, but I’m just not sure about them bringing back something pulpy like Flash Gordon.