Hello and welcome to this weeks comic roundup. It’s been a busy week with new alliances being outed, the return of a fee forgotten friends from the nineties and more teasing about the direction a character may or may not be heading….


Captain Marvel

Captain-BritainThis weeks been a pretty busy one for Marvel with some announcements, which have made me giddy with excitement. The biggest and most pleasing announcement though – was undeniably the return of Marvel UK. Back in the day I used to read Deaths Head, Deaths Head II, Motormouth and Killpower to name a few. These were all handled by Marvel UK and made my reading list most months. Now these and others including the return of Captain Britain, are destined to be lining up on shelves thanks to a new eight issue ltd series beginning this January. The series entitled Revolutionary War will also see the return of Mys-Tech a shadowy organisation believed to have been defeated. I can’t wait to see the return of Deaths Head, can you?


Next up is a new original graphic novel starring the X-Men, by the talented Mike Carey and Salvador Larroca – entitled No More Humans. Unlike Avengers: Endless Wartime which was released earlier this year, No More Humans will be set in the current continuity: with the events set after The Battle Of The Atom. Characters set to appear include Wolverine, Cyclops, past Jean Grey, Magneto and Storm. This is certainly looking interesting and could be a must buy when it gets released next May.

typhoid-maryContinuing with our favourite Mutants – it looks like there’s a new super team of villains out to make their mark. We’ve already seen the return of Lady Deathstrike, complete with a new host body. It looks like she’s making new friends though – all of them ready and willing to take a shot at the all female X-Men. We’ve seen Typhoid Mary recruited but in the latest covers to be unveiled it looks like the newest member of this Sisterhood of Evil has been unveiled – a curious choice but one that could really shake things up! Step forward the Enchantress. Things are certainly hearing up within the pages of X-Men and I can’t wait to see what chaos, these three villains can bring to the mix.



NightwingTime to head over to the DC universe now. First off throwing a rather large curve ball earlier in the week, Scott Snyder revealed changes to Batman #28, instead of making it another double sized issue – the story for #28 will be pushed back a month. This is to allow Capullo time to make it bigger and better than ever before. So instead of the scheduled story, Scott revealed a real treat – issue #28 is now going to offer us a glimpse into the future – six months to be precise. Allowing us an early glimpse of what’s to come. I quite like the idea it’s a rather neat little Christmas gift, but that’s not all. Scott Snyder also teased some artwork – showing Harper Row as Nightwing! Excited? I know I am…

Justice League

Justice-3000It’s been a big week for DC releases, including the debut of Justice League 3000. Written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis with art being handled by Howard Porter – sees our favourite heroes finding themselves flung into the year 3000. The big question is why? The preview panel certainly packs a punch and I have to say I love the Flash and Batman’s new outfits. This is def a title that I’m looking forward it sinking some time into reading.

Image Comics

Real Heroes

Real-HeroesMy to read list for March seems to be growing and growing. This week I’ve discovered a new six issue mini heading our way courtesy of Image and Bryan Hitch. Described as “the cast of Avengers does Galaxy Quest”, the new series sees the stars of a blockbuster series of films having to don their capes and cowls for real, in order to save their beloved city. I quite like the spin on this and with Galaxy Quest being one of my favourite comedies – this has really grabbed me. The new series entitled Real Heroes will hit shelves on March 26th.

That’s it for this week, till next time, this is Cookie signing out….