Hello and welcome to this weeks Comic Roundup. This week we have delays (boo)and a few familiar faces returning to our pages. So pull up a pew, grab a drink and let’s get this show on the road….


IDW delay

idwFirst up, Diamond Comics the UK’s biggest comic distributor have confirmed there may be a delay on certain IDW comics this week. Titles, which could be affected include X-Files, TMNT, GI Joe and Godzilla. Of course delays can occur in any industry. Yet it seems to me to highlight the advantages of going digital. No delays, no stock shortages – going digital just seems to be making more and more sense. Especially now the main issues are available digitally in the same day as they hit the shelves – no matter where in the world you are.



Moon Knight

moon-knightNow onto some brighter news from the world of Marvel. This week Marvel have announced the return of one of their darker heroes – Moon Knight. The new series will be written by award winning Warren Ellis – who is joined by the talented Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire. It’s going to be interesting to see what this team brings to the table. One things for sure – prepare to see some of the darker corners of the Marvel universe. This is another to join my list of must read titles.


Guardians of the Galaxy

guardians-of-the-galaxyMarvel also announced another of their free books, heading our way as part of the free comic book day 2014. Taking place before the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, the second book once more focuses on the super hero team. An all ages comic starring my favourite space raccoon – Rocket. The story will be written by Joe Caramagna – with the tease that Rocket will be a wanted mammal. Looking for a way to clear his name and the bounty on his furry little head. The free comic book day is certainly gearing up a notch with some great titles promised.



Dynamite Steampunk Mash-up

green-hornetAn interesting new title is on its way from the offices at Dynamite. A new steampunk adventure giving us a even issue re-imagining of some of there most famous characters. Comic book legends such as Red Sonja, Green Hornet and Vampirella will all feature in a new giant world based around the steampunk genre. Taking the helm for this new adventure is Bill Willingham along with artist Sergio Fernandez Davila. The series is entitled Legenderry and will be available in January. I admit to being intrigued to see what Green Hornet would look like in a steampunk world – yet I do wonder if they could pull this off. I guess we will just have to wait and see.




batmansuprmanWord spread across the internet this week as a rather interesting cross-over between Universes was revealed. Taking place this February and March within the pages of Worlds Finest and Batman/Superman – shocks are sure to be in store for the Caped Crusader and Superman. For now is the time that our heroes will finally find out who the Huntress and Power Girl really are. If you’re not aware let’s just say that they are both refugees from Earth 2. Considering other events that have taken place this could prove to really shake things up. February is really beginning to look rather amazing….


That’s all we got time for this week, join me for more news next week. This is Cookie signing out….