Many people will go to see Alan Taylor’s Thor because of Chris Hemsworth or Tom Hiddleston. Others will go to see it because they love the comics. Most people will go to see it because it’s the next film in the series. That’s why I went to see it. I’m glad I did.


Thorly missed

It’s been a while since Thor was on the scene – even though Avengers Assemble was only last year. It does seem that, like Iron Man 3, the story has been affected by the events of Avengers Assemble, other than the obvious Loki being locked up. Every human character seems to at least have something going on since the original film – which is good. Characters shouldn’t be static between films. Though I am wondering if this will connect with the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D TV series in any respect. Extremis did…


Funny God

Much like the original, Thor does have a fair amount of humour, though that’s to be expected of the Marvel films. Obviously, it’s not designed to be an outright comedy, and there are numerous action sequences, along with some tragedy, but it will keep the events from becoming too serious. Likewise, Loki’s tricks will always keep you entertained – both in plot and in entertainment.

Emily King’s thoughts


Having enjoyed the original Thor film, I’d been looking forward to this sequel. Despite efficiently carrying on the narratives of Thor, Loki, Jane and co. that to me was all the film was – efficient. It didn’t dazzle me, didn’t hugely surprise me. In fact I feel like there were a fair few missed opportunities with how Jane was affected by the events of the story. And these opportunities stopped the film from having some real dramatic developments.

[blackout]To me, the dramatic stakes of the film would have been far better served if the Aether had refused to leave Jane, deciding that she would serve its purpose better and so either the Dark Elves would have had to work with Jane or attempt to use another McGuffin. Though I appreciate that at the same time this could have made the storyline too similar to the end of Iron Man 3.[/blackout] The film needed to play around more with just how much peril individuals were in rather than entire worlds.

Goofy physics

I liked the sequences near the end where they were playing around with space. It was really well done when Thor’s hammer had trouble tracking down where Thor was. And the zipping between worlds part added to that as well. Though I do think they must have taken a page out of the wrong book for the explanation. It may have flew fine with the comics, but I don’t think it works as well in film.

It’s the Super-Soldier up next!

Whilst this film was entertaining, I don’t think it’s quite the highlight of the Marvel universe just yet. It’s also obvious why Captain America had a minor cameo – though not as himself – as Captain America: The Winter Soldier would’ve been filming around the same time. Now, I’m not that familiar with the comics of either Captain America or Thor, but looking at the trailer, I think it might possibly be better than the first. I hope a similar thing happens with Winter Soldier – that there are elements from Avengers Assemble that carry through. This kind of referencing makes viewers it feel like these are stories part of a bigger universe, something no franchise has quite achieved on this scale before. That’s part of the reason why the Marvel films are doing so well.

But back to Thor

paulgoodThe film was a lot like the first Thor. In general if you loved the setting, characters and the general aesthetic of the first film, this one builds on that. If you didn’t, there’s no reason you’d like this either. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised with the first film, but I think this one (apart from the reasoning behind the goofy disappearing and reappearing – though I liked the effect of it) is on the whole slightly improved. Though that could be more for the inclusion of Loki to such an extent. Sometimes, it’s the antagonist that really captures your heart, even if they do want to rule over you.

Oh, and wait until after the credits. You should know by now!

Thor: The Dark World is out in cinemas now in the UK and soon in the US. We paid for our own tickets.