The Sandman (1989-1996) is the comic book to thank for allowing me to take the medium seriously as a place to find a good narrative. Sure I was reading 2000 AD before Neil Gaiman arrived with the Dream of the Endless but to read a monthly comic book like The Sandman was a first for me. So when I heard that a bi-monthly comic preluding the original Sandman story was being plan it reminded me of a question I put to Neil via Twitter in 2011;

From his reply, I should have known that there were plans afoot for a new Sandman story even if that has materialised as a bi-monthly mini-series.

Destiny holds the (comic) book of the Universe


If you haven’t read a Sandman comic before, then this is indeed a good place to enter the action. The likelihood is you may be just as confused as I was back in 1989 when I read The Sandman #1. So much seems to be happening with much more also implied that it does encourage you to read through the comic book more than once.

For those attuned to past (or should that be future..?) Sandman stories there are a fair few familiar faces found in this issue. Other members of The Endless get brief cameos which could hint at bigger roles for them later in the story. Dream also briefly[blackout]meets the Corinthian at his London office before making a hasty exit[/blackout].

Although Sandman fans know where this story is leading them it’s worth remembering that it is the journey not the destination that should be appreciated here.

Worth a read?

David-GoodThe Sandman: Overture #1 is expertly drawn by J.H. Williams III – whose work I loved on his recent run on DC Comics Batwoman – and he has an almost effortless way of blending colour and then black & white styles to suit locations. Neil Gaiman’s story shows just enough of a web that looks to hold many flies.

This bi-monthly title is shaping up to be something rather special indeed. Just imagine if J.H. Williams III had been part of the original Sandman series.