I’ve previously been skeptical of  the majority of video streaming services. Issues to do with quality, legality (for the non-legitimate sites) and access have all been on my mind. However, since updating our internet service, I have been extremely pleased that I now have this facility. Now, I’m not saying one service is any better than any others out there, just that it’s the service that seems to work for me.

What the heck is this?

You-dont-sayDue to the nature of the subscription service, I have found quite a few films that I have either never heard of, or risk paying money for. Without this service, I would not have found Vampire’s Kiss which is the origin for the Nicholas Cage meme “You don’t say”. It was a weird film, and I’m not sure if I would like it in my DVD collection, but am glad I’ve seen it. Likewise, I recently watched Hit and Run. This is another one I hadn’t even heard of before the subscription, but it stars Dax Shepherd, Kristen Bell, Bradley Cooper and Tom Arnold. Plus there’s countless others that I am interested in, and if I can find the time, I will watch them. The list is fairly extensive.

Oooo, pretty!

dylan4It’s not just a case of having so many titles to choose from (which often results in browsing for too long), it’s also the quality of the titles that entices me. I’m a proud owner of a decent sized 37 inch Full HD TV in my living room (I’m not here to brag, and I’m fully aware the size is nothing compared to 60 inches), and I can fairly easily tell the difference between SD and HD. It’s not bad while I’m concentrated on what I’m watching rather than the resolution its displayed in, but it is nice to have it silky smooth – and with my connection being pretty good now, I have found the movies stream in HD with virtually no issues. It’s like I’ve been borrowed the blu-ray version of the film and I’m watching that – only without all those pesky copyright notices at the start of films. Not to mention that I’m still trying to get through Andromeda, because it’s a watchable combination of Gene Roddenbury’s high ideals and Kevin Sorbo’s…    …Well, Sorbo-ness. All of the series is also in glorious HD, and considering the prices of the newly release seasons on blu-ray, I’m glad I’m waiting before collecting them (because let’s face it, there’s still nothing quite like collecting the blu-rays or DVDs.

Why so Blu?

Cover van de Ingenieur met daarop een Blu-ray cdSo you may be wondering, why am I still collecting DVDs and Blu-rays? I like having the option to watch things when I don’t have an internet connection, want to borrow it to a friend or family (or family friend) or even to make sure that I can still watch it no matter what happens in the future. I like the idea of owning a copy of a film or TV series. It’s comforting. I don’t think even having a digital copy stored on a hard drive would still be less than ideal. Besides, with the decline in DVD stores and such, I’d like to think I’m helping the industry somewhat.

So, what do you watch it on?

Netflix-Wii-U-searchI know the service can be done through so many different means, but I like to use the Wii U (since Nintendo patched the app) to watch stuff from Netflix. I know I can watch it on my PC, but it’s not the same. Even though my TV has WiFi, it doesn’t have apps (it’s one of the earlier WiFi TVs before Smart TVs). The Wii U has the advantage of the interface, which I would argue is better than using the service on our 360 – I can see all the details on the pad including play time, go to specific times and even look up synopsis and actor/directors. I can also navigate using the pad, meaning I can use the stylus to search for specific things (which is far better than trying to input using a 360 controller). But this isn’t an advertisement. Everyone has their own opinion, and I am allowed to have mine…



Okay, I’ll go now.