Brian Michael Bendis

Now hold on a minute, before this post gets a tirade of hate stating that he ,“shouldn’t be writing anything to do with this or we’ll have fifty two hours of programming where the characters sit around a table and talk the entire time.” Hear me out.

Daredevil Netflix Marvel img 4

Whether you love him or hate him, Bendis has been responsible for a majority of stories involving this foursome for well over a decade in comics. An epic run on Daredevil which some fans cite as one of the best. The man is responsible for introducing Jessica Jones to the masses in 2001 with Alias, and has since made her a firm staple in the Marvel Universe. Luke Cage has been the leader of many a few Bendis written Avengers teams. Iron Fist has also been on an Avengers roster, as well as becoming an important character in the recent Avengers Vs X Men crossover event. If anything, Bendis has deserved a full right to have a say as to what ends up on screen. A consultant, or overseer credit will do no harm whatsoever.

Amazing friends

We have our four base heroes locked down, but would it be harmful to include some other familiar faces along the way, thus creating more expansion and future scope? A guest doesn’t have to be in their heroic guise to appear, they can just be a passing face or somebody that’s made reference to. A good example would be for Matt Murdoch to be in court preparing and the opposing lawyer could be Ms Jennifer Walters (She Hulk). It’s a courtroom fight, but not the one you’d expect. Need a ride? Jump into a cab belonging to Jake Lockley, who happens to be one of Moon Knight’s many aliases.

She Hulk Netflix Marvel img 5You could imagine the ultimate freak out if Iron Fist had a well choreographed sparring match with one Shang Chi, the self appointed Master Of Kung Fu. To end this particular segment, it’s only fair that I mention Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, two very special detectives and partly responsible for setting up Heroes For Hire with Cage and Rand. Again, there are a vast pool of resources here primed for expansion. Whoever ends up writing these should strongly be urged to at least dip a toe into this pool.

It’s clear that Marvel have taken a step in the right direction in this partnership. Joining with Netflix has given them a great new platform to distribute content, without an interfering studio instructing what you can and cannot do with a tv show. That’s one thing I feel where Agents Of SHIELD is suffering from, it seems to play it safe without taking risks. Netflix Originals like Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards haven’t been afraid in coming forward. I’m not expecting the Netflix Marvels to be risky, gritty and “dark”, but I am expecting them to be free of creative restrictions and get the stories that want to be told out there. As a final result, it will hopefully get more people interested in comic books, and for them to throw themselves into titles that aren’t necessarily carried by a summer blockbuster.

We’ll end this with a question! What would you like to see in these Netflix Marvels? Are there any characters you think deserve screen time?