With the unexpected news of Marvel teaming up with Netflix to produce original content based on their “Hell’s Kitchen Heroes”, there will undoubtedly be an amazing amount of speculation as to what will the final result look like in 2015. Four series, thirteen episodes a series, resulting in a Defenders mini series combining Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist against a common threat. Fandom will no doubt be asking such important questions as, “Will Luke Cage be donned in his mighty 70’s attire?” Or, “Will Daredevil square off against his deadliest of foes, Stilt Man?”

Okay, maybe not those particular questions as such, but there are a lot of characters and ideas that people would like to see incorporated into these new stories. So, as a glutton for punishment, I’ve decided to appoint myself Hypothetical Producer and Overseer of this project and would like to share with you what I personally think should be included.


Jessica Jones Netflix Marvel img 1

First up, we must remember that these shows just aren’t being made for purely the fans. There are a lot of people coming on-board and discovering these characters for the first time, as they have done with Marvel’s cinematic universe. Try pitching a blind lawyer with an in-built lie detector who happens to be an excellent gymnast to somebody and witness the confused looks unfold.

It would also be beneficial to readers who, like me, don’t know much about Jessica Jones, apart from what’s been read in current continuity and being Luke Cage’s girlfriend. There are those who might know Cage but are unsure as to how he has unbreakable skin and immense strength. Iron Fist might be a phenomenal martial artist, but how deep is his history? These are all factors we need to be revealed to us, and links to the past always tend to reappear in the present day.


As this collective series seems to be street level, then we should be treated to some reworked villains and not just Nasty Thug Of The Week. Top of the list, and in my eyes the only way this is going to work legitimately, is to feature Wilson Fisk a.k.a. The Kingpin. The glue that binds it all together, Fisk is the notorious mastermind behind all crimes in Hell’s Kitchen and is not one to be opposed. I’d be very shocked if Marvel didn’t choose this route to go down, as the project seems to be relatively grounded.

Kingpin Netflix Marvel img 2Of course, when you’re a criminal overlord, you tend to employ people for their services, and this is where the database of bad guys can open up and revel in the spotlight. Characters like The Wrecking Crew, the Enforcers, Tombstone, The Absorbing Man. Hammerhead, Typhoid Mary, Mister Fear, the Serpent Society and more. There is a rich pot ready for plundering, and could become more familiar names in the future.

Keep S.H.I.E.L.D. out

Agents of SHIELD Netflix Marvel img 3

One factor I’m deadly serious about. They are the backbone of the movies, and have their own spin off show in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. From my viewpoint, that’s bordering overkill. I understand that there’s bound to be links between the two universes, but can there be another way to cement their existence in the same place without the need for Agent Coulson to pop up and deliver a witty one liner? Of course there is!

Let’s just picture for a second, Iron Fist (Danny Rand), head of Rand Industries, attending a glitzy dinner party for business types or charity ball and bumping into Tony Stark (Iron Man). Perhaps Luke Cage preventing a gang mugging with Steve Rogers (Captain America) watching from a distance. Matt Murdoch (Daredevil) in his role as a lawyer with a damage control case involving Bruce Banner (Hulk), perhaps. Little things these may be, and by no means anything that will be happening, but certainly proof that you don’t need the suits to join the party.