Second Sight is an interesting game. Coming from the developers of Timesplitters, it’s a mix of stealth and shooting. Scratch that, it’s all about the powers, which enable you to do either. It’s a game that Emily really enjoyed, but prior to this playthrough, she hasn’t played in quite a while. This is mostly due to the PS2 not being used.

Regardless, we play it and it does take a while for Emily’s memory of what to do to kick in. In the meantime, I distract her with questions about the game, in the vain hope that she does as badly as I did with playing Resident Evil 2.

Here’s a few questions I asked;

Is the main character likeable?

What do you think about the twist ending?

If you could choose one Psy power from Jon’s repertoire, what would it be?

Watch the video for more questions and their answers: