Hello and welcome to this week’s Hex Comic Roundup. This time we have news on cancellations, teasers and the welcome return of a Dinosaur hunting hero. So pull a up a pew, grab a drink and let’s get this show on the road….


Turok: Dinosaur Hunter


TurokFirst up is the return of one of my favourite characters from years gone by. A young Native American, fighting for survival in the unforgiving forest. Step forward Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Coming back to retail shelves in February, I can’t wait to see how Greg Pak and artist Mirko Colak approach this bygone character. Dynamite aren’t taking any chances either, many might remember when Valiant and Acclaim bought the hero back in the 90’s. It left a sour taste and was credited with destroying the comic industry. When launched retailers found themselves with shelves full of the comic book series, not able to shift them. As a normal rule of thumb retailers were usually able to send some of these back to the retailers – alas Valiant would not accept returns making it a very risky deal. This time around Dynamite have agreed that they will accept returns no matter how many the retailer needs to send back. Nice work Dynamite – my hat gets tipped to you.



DC’s New 52


New-52It’s been another busy week over at DC. First up was the announcement from DC CCO Geoff Johns that big changes are underway. With the first phase of the new 52 finally coming to an end – with the finale of Forever Evil fast approaching. The second phase will begin with new characters being introduced, old veterans being re-introduced and a new center to the DC Universe. I’m quite excited at seeing what events will unfold next and which characters will resurface. Rumours abound that one of these will be a new version of Booster Gold! I would like to see a darker version of Booster emerge, one with a little less arrogance would be nice. Mr Johns also teased that we should keep our eyes on good old Lex….




Dark-KnightOnto the Caped Crusader now and Marc Guggenheim, executive producer of Arrow has been flexing his comic writing muscles. In a new digital first title, Herded Limits is a new three part Legends of The Dark Knight story. Focussing on one of the Caped Crusaders most intelligent villains the Riddler. It’s nice to see the Riddler being bought back for a new story and what’s really intrigued me is the interactive side of the story. Littered throughout the books are clues and riddles for us to solve. Solve them and apparently you’ll be able to download the original script as your prize. I love the fact Marc has added this interactive side and can’t wait to try and solve them myself.


Batman-ThanksgivingSticking with the Dark Knight, a nice surprise was tweeted last week by Scott Snyder. A nice teaser with the Bat enjoying a thanks giving dinner with friends and foes alike. Like the old days, the image is sprinkled with loads of Easter eggs, giving us clues as to what expect from the “Eternal” series. There’s quite a few to look out for, but the main surprise for me was the missing Night Wing. No sign of Dick with the rest of the Bat family – which perhaps would indicate a big change for our young hero within the “Forever Evil” series.



Guardians of the Galaxy


GoGMarvel this week have unveiled the newest member to the lineup for the new Guardians of The Galaxy – being released next year. The first glimpse of the new team will be in May next year and will be free from selected retailers as part Marvels Free Comic Book Of The Day Special. We already know that Captain Marvel will be joining the team – now we know the second newest members identity. I have to say when I read who it was I nearly fell of my chair – a most unusual choice, which could have some very interesting ramifications! Step forward and take a bow Venom. Yes one of my favourite Spidey villains will be teaming up with the Guardians. It would also seem that Venoms involvement is central to the main story arc. Intriguing to say the least, it’s shaping up to be a wild adventure.


Wolverine / X-Men / Young Avengers


wolvyLast week comic book fans were left in mourning for two of Marvels most popular comic book series that were cancelled. Ending early next year Wolverine and The X-Men and young Avengers, both will wrap up with the creators stating that both will end as they originally wanted them to. Personally I found both titles fun to read, with Wolverine and co giving us a vast range of exciting characters. Young Avengers gave us some sublime storytelling and to be honest although it’s sad I quite like the fact the teams behind both books will be able to finish the title in their own way. Sometimes handing a series over to another team ends in the series felling disjointed – taking a turn for the worse. This way at least we get a bittersweet ending to both series.


That’s it for this week….till next time this is Cookie signing out.