Welcome to the first Hex Comic Roundup – a new weekly feature hosted by myself. I’ll be taking a look at what’s occurred in comic book news, over the last week and letting you know what I think about certain events. So grab a drink, take a seat and let’s get on with this weeks news – that bites…


Ms. Marvel


Ms-MarvelFirst up is Marvel, with their announcement of a new teenage hero taking on the mantle of Ms Marvel. Sixteen year old Kamela Khan is set to debut in a new series next January. I’m quite excited by this title and have high hopes for the character – what’s really grabbed my interest isn’t the powers but the fact she’s an American with a Pakistani heritage. Finally Marvel have decided to move with the times, and going to give us our first Marvel Muslim hero! Personally I think this is well overdue and for me if penned right – could prove to be one of Marvels most interesting characters for years. The scope for more intricate story lines, literally leapt at me. I’ll be watching this rather carefully – and I can’t wait to get hold of the first issue.


Fantastic Four


Fantastic-FourIn other news Marvel are rebooting the original super hero family – The Fantastic Four. Writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk will be take the helm from February. US today has given us a little tease of events to occur throughout the new series. With the FF evicted from the Baxter building, the Thing serving time in prison for murder and Johnny Storm powerless. It’s certainly taking the team to a different plane. I have to admit I haven’t read much FF in the last few years….but I’m certainly intrigued by the scope of where this new sires could go.



Joker’s Daughter


Joker's-DaughterMoving over to DC now one of the most stupendously dull and unexciting villains unleashed earlier this year, is getting their own one shot comic – next February courtesy of Marguerite Bennett. The Jokers Daughter is making a return and after her first appearance earlier this year, I find myself asking why? I wasn’t particularly taken with her debut story – it felt clumsy and a little mind numbing. Perhaps I missed something. Perhaps Bennett will be able to turn the character around – I was originally excited for the character. My hopes were rising high, the premise of a younger more insane Joker to carry on the family traditions – it appealed to me. Alas it just didn’t deliver. So I’ll be looking on with a sense if trepidation and perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Lois Lane

Lois-LaneAnother female character is receiving a one shot title in February. Lois Lane possibly comics most famous reporter – without super powers is to receive her own adventure. Once more penned by Bennett, I’m quite intrigued by this story. I’ve always thought Lois was an underused character – considering her impact in the DC universe. The story follows Lois chasing down another headline – this time though the story could be her family! Will Lois see the story through or will we see Lois putting her own career on hold for a change. There’s also the tease of Brainiac making an appearance.




SandmanSome rather upsetting news from Vertigo this week. It would appear that the wait for issue 2 in the new Sandman series has been delayed. Seeing Neil Gaiman return to one of his original characters has got to be one of the moments in comics this year. It was like reuniting with an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. The second issue was due this December, however it has been confirmed by the powers – that we will have to wait patiently until February. Still I guess It means 2014 has just got a little more interesting.


That’s all for this week. Join me next week for more news from the comics. This is Cookie signing out…..