After catching the new trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past I was given a mental nudge reminding me that Bryan Singer is back directing the franchise for the first time since X2 in 2003. The new trailer(see below) is solemn in tone and if you’re not familiar with the original comic book storyline, you’ll need to know that it deals with two X-men timelines and some  time-travel to boot.

The Family Mutant

The X-Men comic was the very first US comic book that I read. At that time in the 1980’s my brother loved Fantastic Four but I preferred the dynamic of a makeshift family of mutants that were outcasts from society. Some were classified as ‘misfits’ while others splintered into rebellious, self-concerned groups – enter Magneto.

The X-Men/Magneto boundaries were explored to some good effect in 2011’s X-Men: First Class. The trailer for the next movie in the franchise hints towards further exploration of dynamics between Professor X, his X-Men and those that follow Magneto. Still I always get a little nervous when there’s an attempt to turn a book or comic book story-arc into a movie. The whole experience can become one sizeable poison chalice(see Watchmen).

Happy Ever After

If X-Men: Days of Future Past is the second movie of a trilogy then I’ll be expecting an ending that isn’t overly satisfying. When Han Solo was encased in carbonate in The Empire Strikes Back it was the first time that I’d experienced that feeling of inevitability. This was the first time that a movie character I loved looked to be doomed. Even today when I think back to being in the cinema and hearing Boba Fett warn Darth Vader that Han Solo was, ‘no good to him dead’ those feelings flood back. I had a little of that feeling when [blackout]Professor X died in[/blackout] X-Men: The Last Stand. We see from this new trailer that he exists in a later X-Men timeline and that has made me question how well this will be explored in the movie itself?

The recent rebooted Star Trek franchise did a grand job of explaining changes in the universe. The first movie did things very well, I thought plus there was a nice cameo by Leonard Nimoy as future Spock to help explain events. That said I really didn’t like the way things were handled in Star Trek Into Darkness especially the reuse of the scene of radiation poisoning aboard the Enterprise.

What did you make of the trailer and are you more or less excited to see the movie upon release?

  • milliways

    I saw the trailer on the big screen when I went to see Thor at the weekend… made me look forward to it even more. Though now not so sure about some of the costume designs >_<