I have a new addiction. One that I would like to share with you my fellow readers. About a month ago I sat down and looked for something to watch… as usual apart from repeats there wasn’t much to chill out to. So I decided to take a gander at the pay per view – to see what films might entice me. One title for some unknown reason stood out, not sure why though. When it first arrived at the cinemas I wasn’t that bothered by it. I didn’t even put it down on my to watch list, yet that fine evening it just seemed to call to me. I’m talking about a film entitled Jack Reacher. I’ll be honest I’d heard various things regarding the film – I’d seen posts from fans regarding the casting choice, and other views on the aspects of the film.

Killing FloorThe Jack Reacher novels have passed me by. I feel like I’ve been kept slightly in the dark and for what ever reason, I decided to sit down and see what the fuss was about. I became instantly hooked. Not knowing anything about the character, really helped me become entwined in his dark world. I have to say I quite enjoyed Mr Cruise’s performance – making the character pop from the screen and into my world. The strong narrative and dialogue helped the next few hours fly by. It left me wanting more. Something, which I have to confess rarely happens nowadays. Sure I can get excited for sequels, but to actually want to find out more about the character to delve into more of his/hers adventures. not normally. I’m quite happy to wait for the next movie to come along and to gradually learn more from the big screen.

However with Mr Reacher, his character had managed to get under my skin, creeping into my consciousness making me want find out more. To follow more of his adventures and to find out what really makes Mr Reacher tick. So like a craving I gave in and delved into the first of Jack’s stories. Entitled the Killing floor, Lee Child (a.k.a. Jim Grant) whisks you away into a dark world full of power, corruption and murder within a small town in Georgia. Unfortunately for our intrepid anti-hero he soon becomes embroiled, through a simple little mistake. It was a roller coaster of a book, a tense thriller. Leaving you craving for more. I couldn’t put the damn thing down….even in the evening instead if catching up with my gaming or watching a film – I’d find myself curling up in my armchair. Devouring the pages as if they were my only substance. Fuelled by the need to complete the journey….

There is no letup with twists and turns edging you closer to the end, like a roller coaster hurtling along at full speed. I’d finished thejack_reacher-003 first book within a couple of days. I lapped it all up, my love for the main character had grown by quite a bit. The world of Jack Reacher had its hooks well and truly sunk in. Child had managed to wrap his words around me like tentacles, sucked me in and left me with more questions than answers. So I decided to take on the second book and see if this would be just as good. To see if the character could develop once more, and whether or not the writing was just as strong.

If anything the second book, Die Trying proved to be even more suspenseful than the first. Caught up in a kidnapping, by a militia group – we get to see just how black and white Jack sees the world. We also learn a bit more about his skills and how just how much of a one man army he can be. I loved how different the second novel was to the first. Showcasing how versatile and skilled Jack is.

One thing is for sure though, I’m now totally into this series and if you are looking for some new books then I cant recommend this titles enough. This is story telling that doesn’t want to leave you alone, with plenty of action and great characters.