When I first heard that there was going to be a new series, based on the DC character Green Arrow…I was rather intrigued. As I found out more about the general specifics, I then began to worry. It was to be similar to Smallville, delving into the characters earlier years. Smallville never managed to grab me until the last few series. There were certain aspects I just couldn’t get my tiny mind around…such as Clark being best friends with Lex. Lex growing up in Smallville. Call me stubborn, if you like but something for me just didn’t particularly gel. It was at this point that I was beginning to give up and my initial excitement for the new show was waning. I like to give things a whirl though, so earlier this year I sat down – got myself some cheesecake and began to watch….

Arrow-TV-ShowArrow packs a punch and really took my by surprise. From episode one I was drawn into Starling City. It felt darker and grittier than Smallville. With Oliver Queen, hell bent on changing the city – after spending five years stranded on an island. That’s as in depth as I’m going to go into the story – don’t want to spoil it for those that haven’t seen it.

The main characters worked well together, with a distinct chemistry between the two leads. The stories were mainly well written, setting the stage for future episodes… I found myself coming back for more. Each week being bought back into Oliver’s world, crying out for more answers. As mentioned before the show is a lot darker than Smallville. Perhaps a nod to The Dark Knight trilogy. There’s an aspect there, which keeps you guessing a little – making you question things. Like, what do his family know about the accident which, left him stranded.

For me it was also a great introduction for many to some of DC’s more sinister characters. Deathstroke, Count Vertigo, The Huntress and Dead Shot all make appearances through out the show making for some great action. All culminating in an epic finale, which just blew me away.

arrow jungleArrow does have a few faults though. The main story for me was soon eclipsed by the events happening on the Island through flash backs. Through out the series I found myself wanting to see less of Starling City and more of the island. There was just something about seeing Oliver transform from spoilt brat to ruthless killer that held my interest more. Some of the dialogue was rather cheesy to say the least, with some of the acting coming across at times as wooden especially for the first few episodes. Arrow is a slow starter but once it ramped it up…boy did they ramp it up! Also Arrow and his companions always seemed to have quite an easy ride, with finding a solution to the crime/problem. Some of which, did seem a little far fetched.

Even with these faults though Arrow has a certain charm, which helps you get involved with the characters. Not wanting to miss a show. Its action packed, with a good story and it remains fresh with us seeing the flashbacks to the island. Helping us see just how Oliver has become the man he is today. It’s first season ended in a rather epic show stopper and I for one can’t wait to see the second season.

  • http://www.nerdsassemble.co.uk/ milliways

    I need to get my hands on a season 1 boxset…

  • Chris Zimmer

    I prefer the island story line as well.