We had another gaming session this past Tuesday, and we thought we would put up some of our resources. Because we know how time consuming and tricky it can be to come up with the campaign. Don’t worry, we’ll help. No, it’s okay, we don’t need any gold for the trouble, nor any extra XP. Well, a little extra XP could help, but anyway on with the show. So to speak.

We don’t need no education!

Just in case you’re not able to loot a copy from a corpse or pickpocket a geek (hey, it’s cool, they have a +3 to Perception!), we have you covered. And by we, I mean the guys that made Pathfinder. Here you’ll find a web version of everything you’ll need to play, including the basics, races, classes, monsters, magic and battle guides. In fact the only thing it doesn’t have is the kitchen sink. Wait, I’ll have to go check that in the Bestiary

You can find everything here: http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/

So don’t say Hex doesn’t have you covered!

You call THAT six inches?

Sometimes it can be really difficult to think of how big something is in inches or feet. Especially when you get taught metric from an early age. But there’s plenty of websites to convert them. Heck, there’s probably some smart arse in your party that could do it in their head in 5 seconds flat. But what about adding feet and inches together? What if you want to know if that 2 foot 8 inch cat you have perched on your head will hit the top of the door frame of that tavern you’re about to enter? Once again, good ol’ Hex has you covered. Your cat can thank us in cheeseburgers later.

You can find the conversion tool here: http://www.calculatorsoup.com/calculators/construction/feetandinches.php

CACKS – Computer Assisted Character Kreation System…

…Okay, I just made that up. But there are alternatives to slaving over your character like some sort of cook. And even if you are that masochistic, it’ll slow the game down like an N64 trying to cope with too many characters on the screen at the same time. So here’s one website that will allow you to create whatever you need without all the hassle of working out (and usually making mistakes) about your character stats. So your Halfling in heavy armour can move 140 feet in a single round? Sound like you have a bad case of the “worked my stats out wrong”. What’s that, he also has the armour class of a naked bard? And the initiative of -20? Look, just drop it. Drop the pencil and step away from the character sheet. That’s right, pick up the laptop and tap this into the address bar (or better yet, copy it).


Random encounters of the beastly kind

Okay, so you’ve set up the player characters, you’ve set up the map, the story, the goal. You’re ready to go, so you set out on your adventure. The adventure is complete within a single session. Why? We forgot to get some monsters. Bugger. Oh well, time to put the red glistening emerald back in the statues eye socket. Put the 30 gold pieces back in the dead orc’s wallet. Re-cross that rickety bridge that you had to get a critical success just to stop from falling to your death. We have to go back to the start and generate a little bit of resistance to the end goal. That’s right, a level 8 dragon as soon as your heroes step outside the inn. Yep, a level 10 skeleton on that bridge, that should give the players a challenge. And the adventure wouldn’t be an adventure without that big battle at the end. And it wouldn’t be a Mario game if the Princess was in another castle. Okay, scratch that last part. But if you did want to punish or just generally challenge your party, monsters are a way to do it. But who has time to stat up monsters? Use this, and whilst the party is fighting it, create an ever growing army of gelatinous, demonic, magic wielding monsters.



Quickly! To the McGuffinMobile!

Try saying that ten times fast! Anyway, we’ve provided you with quite a few ways to speed up and simplify making the game. But just because it’s a lazy way to get the game going, doesn’t mean you can be lazy writing the story! Oh, and don’t steal too much from other things. It’s lazy, it’s cliche and it’s predictable. There’s only so many times you can get away with ex-adventurers complaining about arrows going into knees, or shiny rings that need to be disposed of in dangerous volcanoes. We made your life easier by providing these resources, now its your turn to come up with original stories. Well, what are you waiting for, I’m sure you have a party of adventurers to torture! And remember, let us know your most memorable bits from Pathfinder and D&D.

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