Welcome to the Nerds Assemble podcast and Hex Dimension Halloween competition for 2013!

The prizes are a used, but in good condition edition of the original Romero Dead trilogy with Paul B and mine’s preferred cut of Night of the Living Dead, plus new copies of the novel of The Shining by Stephen King and its just released sequel Doctor Sleep.

This competition is open to UK residents who are aged 18 or over only.

What do you need to do? Describe in 200 words or less, in the comments below, your main tactic/s for surviving a zombie apocalypse. The competition will be open until midday on Friday 1st November 2013 and winners will be announced here, Twitter and Facebook not long after.

We will be contacting the winner via the profile information they’ve got in Disqus, so make sure your profile is up-to-date.



  • Paul Blewitt

    I’d personally make sure that I have a shovel available at all times. It’s a potential weapon that can do both blunt attacks and if you use it on it’s edge, it can also be sharp. It’s also very easy to get hold of, and can be useful if needing to dig graves.

    I’d also cover up any vulnerable areas with light but thick material, so that if I were to be caught somewhere, I should be able to take a few attacks before being bitten. I’d also make sure that every member of the group has an explosive with them, so that if all else fails they can stop themselves turning and potentially give others a loud warning and even take out a few of the infected.

    Man, I’ve thought about this way too much.

  • Hurdy42

    My tactic is never to sleep. Ever.

    Nearly all zombie fiction skips over the early days of the outbreak, and the characters just wake up in a world that’s already in chaos. It’s because zombies aren’t actually threatening until there are lots of them, so it only works if you overlook the beginning part when there aren’t many and they’d be really easy to stop. Therefore, if I never ever go to sleep ever, the outbreak will never have the chance to spread offscreen and it will never actually become dangerous!

    Unless the zombies can run. Then I’m screwed.

  • dmosbon

    For a long time – probably since I was a teenager – I have kept a metal container/tin that I’ve kept a survival kit in; torch, matches, batteries, small resealable plastic bags, small knife, cable ties, roll of string…

    Kit has to be small enough to be easily carried but big enough to allow for more items found along the way. So yeah my tactic is to always have a survival kit ready at hand.

  • Villordsutch

    The Zombies first need to be slow and foot dragging for this to work. Lots of long planks of wood and a quick trip to COSTCO. I’d my own little Ewok village along the tops of the COSTCO shelves and bring all the food, clothes, batteries, torches, radios and other tools to the top. Here I would stay with friends and family. Trolleys can make small aslie barricades and then we’d wait a few weeks until the Zombies in the store are starving and their brains begin to rot due to dehydration. Using the tools we’d erase the walking dead scum from our land! I’d be hailed as a King and be requested to mate with all the attractive women (my wife would agree too) to make sure we make a new land full of heroes…I may have lost the plot near the end.

  • John Kerrison

    Weapons and barricades are all well and good but I think there’s a far simpler solution. I’d simply cover myself head to toe in fruit. It’s quite obvious the undead have no interest in getting their five a day (you can tell this by looking at their skin) and I imagine they’d be repulsed by the thought of having to chew through a layer of pears to get to my flesh.