Welcome gruesome readers to a horror filled look at some of the best creepy, supernatural TV shows. Shows that grab us by the balls and fill us with weird dreams. Shows that stir us, bringing us a sense of Old Hallows Eve – no matter when we watch them. Sit back enjoy and read our picks for the best Horror shows, which we love to watch in the dark or by candle light late at night!

true-blood-ensemble-3shotTrue Blood – Paul Everitt

First up to the fold is a show that I class as a secret sin for myself. Vampires take center stage with other supernatural creatures joking in in the fun. A show that at first I was unsure of but the well crafted story lines have kept me on the edge of my seat for the past five seasons. No it isn’t Vampire Diaries….please give me some credit! I’m talking about True Blood. A story about Vampires stepping out into the open, thanks to a new drink True Blood. I’ve found it rather interesting seeing hoe the Vamps have tried to integrate into human society, living normal lives. Of course this doesn’t seem to go very smoothly. What gives it a punch for me though is that the Vamps aren’t dumbed down like in Twilight. They are still primarily creatures of the night, needing blood to survive! You still wouldn’t trust them as far as you could throw them. Then there’s the other supernatural creatures thrown into the mix; shifters, werewolves even fairies all enter the mix. Some evil, some good but all with their own agendas and issues to deal with.

You end up having your favourites, sometimes the lines between good and evil seem to get blurred. Yet there’s something about True Blood that just calls you back for more. For me this is a show that’s definitely worth at least giving a go! Now over to David for one of his favourite horror shows…..

asylum-001American Horror Story – David Osbon

Recently my wife and I moved from a modest 2 bedroom terraced house to a vastly superior 1930’s built three bedroom semi-detached. It has only taken us a few months to explore and discover all the things that were hidden from view before we got the keys. In a way it almost felt that the house wanted to give up its character and the vibrations of family life that the previous owner – she had lived in the house for over 40 years – had instilled into its foundations. Our new home has known love and good times. We will spend a long time living here.

Our house is no murder house and very unlike the picture painted of the new Harmon family home in the first season of American Horror Story. But I was hooked from the very first episode. This was a house that didn’t give up its secrets easily, oh no, it wanted those that lived within its walls to be devoured by fear and death. It’s an age-old setting is the ‘haunted house’ and for me it’s a welcome return to that era of horror that gave us The Amityville Horror. Instead of trying to scare with cheap thrills, obvious set-ups and cues American Horror Story is a viewing experience that gets the brain-juices working. The visuals and sound are there to add to the layers of plot rather than used as an excuse not to have any semblance of plot. Horror, on the big and small screen, has had a tendency to be devoid of a sense of pacing and plot. It’s modern shows like The Walking Dead, Hannibal and American Horror Story that are changing the horror landscape into something far more cruel and twisted. Small screen horror has never been so engaging. Now over to Mr Blewitt….