Stop. If you haven’t read the previous issues of the comic, don’t read this review.

The third issue has us very much in gear and fast approaching some kind of face-off between the players and pawns at play, but just not here. If the surprises in the second issue hadn’t been enough, it seems that only more MacGuffins can be sent Mulder’s way as he continues to track down Scully and gear up for averting an alien-human-hybrid apocalypse.

X-Files Season 10 issue 3 img 1Morley Brotherhood

At this point, and with wanting to avoid redacting spoilers again, I want to say that the appearance of a certain member of the Morley bortherhood is both surprising and unexpected. Mainly due to how corporeal he seems.

What is clear is that my worries at the end of reading the second issue may just be because Mulder seems like he is being hoodwinked left and centre. Where he would question such phenomena in the TV series until he had a thorough explanation – regardless of how fantastical – his determination to be the hero is out weighing is natural sense of curiosity. Crazy things are happening, but he doesn’t seem to care much about the why.

I can imagine that getting Scully back in one piece is incredibly important for Mulder, and he has shown a great depth of concern when she’s gone missing previously in the TV series. I’m just finding his lack of questioning of his sources real difficult to take on board – the Mulder that was created by the end of season nine of the TV show would run off into the unknown, but he’d be asking for the York Notes while he galloped off there.

X-Files Season 10 issue 3 img 2Weapons

Meanwhile another element that has yet to be explained properly and continues to lurk in the background like the convenient plot device it is – when its existence is anything but convenient to achieve in the world of X-Files – continues to frustrate me. The “magnetite” is on its way to being weaponised, but the great big pipelines we were introduced to in issue two are quite ridiculous. Especially when they have hoses attached to them in the middle of nowhere. Not exactly normal.

X-Files Season 10 issue 3 img 3Slowed time

I am still unsure whether the monthly comic releases of The X-Files Season 10 is really benefiting the story. The elements involved and the clear fact that the passage of time in the story between issues is making me question this release schedule. It’s like a regular episode or a two-parter of the series or a film and neither of those would have been watched a month apart.

It’s making for some awkward pacing and while I am left wanting to read the next issue, my expectations for plot development in this aren’t able to be met in the comic format so far. There are things happening, but it’s all feeling like the first season of Heroes.

EmcouldbebetterWorth reading?

Again, if you really enjoyed the latter end of the TV series and have read the previous two, then you’re going to head to this. Otherwise – I can’t really recommend this comic to newcomers. There’s too much lore involved to make this a good read for anyone new to it all. Die hards though – yes, but you might not like way the Morleys are tread.

Issue three of  The X-Files: Season 10 is out now and should be available from services like Comixology and in stores. Remember: if you’re searching for it on Comixology, search “season 10″ (without the quotes) or else you’ll end-up with loads of X-Men comics.