Stop. If you haven’t read the first issue of the comic, then please do not read this review. Thank you.

After the swift escalation of events in the first issue, it’s clear who and what the real enemies are – at least, it’s clear if you’ve watched all of the over arcing plot TV episodes involved in the story here. Adding a new level of mysticism to the human-alien hybrid, super solider thingy me bobs from the TV series, the foretold doomsday looks like it could be fast approaching, albeit not at the date everyone thought it would be.

Everything is still kicking into gear at this point, though, and so it’s all seeming a bit slow.

X-Files Season 10 issue 2 img 1MacGuffin

And now I need to go into spoiler territory. If you don’t want them, continue reading after the redacted text. Like your plot analysed? Highlight the black below.

[blackout]It was obvious from the heavenly image at the end of the first comic that The Lone Gunmen would be involved in the second issue. What surprised me was the level of their involvement. Alien hybrids aside, the biggest McGuffin on scene is the reappearance of  Richard “Ringo” Langly, Melvin Frohike and John Fitzgerald Byers. Last time I saw these guys they were the victims of an almost completely foiled biological attack and looking very, very dead. Their being alive is just brushed away as being the result of some grand scheme to go underground and avoid the enemies they’d created. All very MacGuffin and I’m hoping for a better explanation in a later issue.[/blackout]

X-Files Season 10 issue 2 img 3New lore

What I found most intriguing in this issue is that the alien human hybrids appear to be not only affected by magnetite, which was highlighted in the original series, but also some alien mysticism thing. Unfortunately, everyone’s too busy trying to figure out what the hell is going on in order to explain this new element in the their lore and while the TV series was never one for long explanations for the alien side of things, you normally got a bit of something.

At the same time it does seem a little too mystical for an element from the series, which has – while paranormal – been more about what our bodies, our DNA holds than simple words and symbols. Sure there’s been alien languages used in the TV series of the past, but they didn’t do anything quite like what we witness here.

EmcouldbebetterWorth a read?

It answers some of the mystery generated in the first issue, but there are plenty of questions left. Considering the amount of peril involved, everything feels a bit slow for a monthly release at the moment. Certainly, if you picked up the first issue and enjoyed it, then it’s worth giving this one a read, but things are taking a while to heat-up. Like, there’s drama, but there’s no real fire yet.

Issue two of  The X-Files: Season 10 is out now and should be available from services like Comixology and in stores. Remember: if you’re searching for it on Comixology, search “season 10” (without the quotes) or else you’ll end-up with loads of X-Men comics.

  • samxf42

    Just finished this issue and I have to say that I enjoyed it a great deal over the first — Harris may be taking the narrative slow for now but from the interviews I’ve been reading it seems he has a lot of ambitions moving forward.

    • milliways

      I’m hoping his ambitions don’t run away with him.