All the way back in episode 7 of the Nerds Assemble podcast, we discussed how we weren’t too keen on the look of the film. Wind forward to around a year later and we’ve finally got a trailer for the thing. What strikes me first is that the trailer is apparently suitable for all ages. That’s warning sign number one.

Whereas remakes of previously gory, horrific films have revelled in their horror and gore (the red band trailers for the Evil Dead remake, for instance) we don’t see anything that looks like it could come near to the shock value of Paul Verhoeven’s original outing. At the same time, the themes and scenario of the film are looking to stick far more to the original than say the remake of Total Recall that hit and spluttered against our screens last year.

Warning sign number two comes from the fact that despite our knowledge of cybernetics and AI having increased since the 1987 original film, the remake doesn’t appear (from the trailer) to have gone and done much different around them. About the only thing that seems hugely different here is that Murphy appears to have greater contact with his family post-op.

Warning sign number three comes in the form of a certain absence. It appears that the character of Officer Anne Lewis has been dropped in the remake (neither does she appear in the trailer or is listed on the new film’s cast list) and potentially replaced by an Officer Jack Lewis. Murphy’s wife appears to have taken on quite the victim role in this re-imagining and with no female Officer Lewis in the mix, it leaves me to suspect that I’m going to be pretty damn disappointed with the gender roles in this remake.

The fourth warning sign isn’t in the trailer, it’s the writing credits list, which at the time of writing stands at six different names, two for characters, four for script, and that, my friends, should be blowing great big, f***ing sirens for you. A long list of writers is rarely a good sign when it comes to films.

So yeah, I’m worried about this film.