These last few weeks have allowed me to watch a film I desperately wanted to catch at the cinema but missed – that film being Oblivion. Now Tom Cruise in Minority Report is still a favourite of mine and I had hoped that by signing on to Joseph Kosinski’s graphic-novel-turned-movie project would pay dividends.

Artistically Oblivion is a gorgeous watch. Kosinski knows how to bring a world to life with special effects without losing the organic feel of nature at work(something George Lucas lost a long, long time ago…). Yes the script does get itself slightly tangled and not enough is made of the love-triangle or indeed the experienced cast. The voice-over intro by Tom Cruise really isn’t needed and sounds forced. Spoon-feeding an explanation of the premise of the film really does say that the director isn’t giving much credence in the intelligence of the audience. It would have been better to allow the viewer to work things out for themselves. Shame that.

This got me to thinking. With the right sci-fi scripts Kosinski could be the director with the vision to move the genre to that next big step. If JJ Abrams does direct at least one of the new trilogy of Star Wars films surely Kosinski is gifted enough to direct one too? Sci-fi has a crop of talented directors who need better support from writers and their scripts. I want more intelligent sci-fi films and voice-overs that don’t break the immersion of the experience. Let’s have a little more respect for the film-goers intelligence and less concern over pandering to the lowest common denominator.