In this series of diary posts I will entertain you with the many mishaps and monkey-business that befall me while gaming some of the big and not so big videogame titles. I will mainly be gaming on the Playstation 3 and then eventually the PS4 come its release in November.

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A warning here just before I begin…I’ve never played a Saints Row game before so I may miss something that is obvious to those that are ‘experienced’. I do now own a copy of Saints Row the Third and will no doubt play this in tandem with the new game so that I can get a fuller feel of the characters.

A Pleasant Day


Sometimes gaming is a faction-grind in your favourite MMO or a multiplayer death match that always ends too soon for you. Gaming can become just as much the chore as the 9-5 job that you once use to escape from. Irony, it would seem, knows no bounds.

Thank the stars that we can still celebrate what made gaming important in the first place. Rare is it for me to laugh and actually enjoy the spectacle of gameplay but that’s what I did in my first few hours and missions in Saints Row IV. I went with a female lead and that really worked a treat within the confines of the ‘A Pleasant Day’ mission. Did I smile? Did I laugh? Did I feel good about what I was doing? By heck I did! If only Bioshock Infinite had felt like this!

Nicely daft but so so satisfying may be the early impressions made by this fourth game in the Saints Row series. As I played through these early encounters the thought that this feeling couldn’t possibly last the duration of the whole experience kept me doubting. Strength of conviction will surely tell as the more formulaic moments bear on the gameplay but I’m hoping that the fun continues apace.

More Saints Row IV diary posts to come. We paid for our own copy of the game.