Did you know that moles really aren’t that nice? I don’t think they are, that’s why I had no problem with downloading Holey Moley, the latest title from Refresh Creations onto my Android and tapping waves of moles into oblivion. Wind and the Willows be damned!


Holey Moley review img 3A literal whack-a-mole game, it has several different modes (including a special gamepad mode, which unfortunately I wasn’t able to take advantage of, but allows two players to compete against each other), all with three different difficulties available: easy, medium and hard. The modes are: Quick Blast, Survival and No Miss. With achievements and scoreboards, it’s got quite a lot packed in for a free piece of distraction.

However, this game does come with ads and there is no paid, ad-free version currently available. Thankfully the ads are restricted to the menus, not while you’re frantically bashing away at the pests.

Look and feel

Despite my murderous contempt for moles, they do look a little cute in the game. I almost, almost felt sorry for bashing them on their heads, repeatedly, but the guilt would never fully set in. Certainly not in Survival mode, where the moles can actually harm your life bar (they’re more dangerous than they look.)

Holey Moley review img 2I wouldn’t like to speculate what it’s like to play the game on smaller screens, as my droid has quite a generous screen size. I do think that due to the reflexes needed and size of the grid, that playing it on a smaller screen would limit the pursuit of high scores by quite a bit when playing on just a mobile.

Put together in Unity, Holey Moley looks very different to the lines and bright colours of Refresh Creations’ previous mobile game: Super Grid Run.

EmgoodWorth a play?

I can’t say it’s going to replace whatever your current distraction game of choice is, but as a free title for Android – it’s worth a go if your phone has the specs necessary to play it. Also, I want people to have a go at beating my high scores, one set of which you can see below this paragraph.

Holey Moley is out now, available for free on the Google Play Store. Refresh Creations very own Ryan Carson has previously appeared on the Nerds Assemble Podcast.

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