The Hex team are pretty excited about Peter Capaldi becoming the new Doctor in Doctor Who, but just how excited are they and why?

Paul Wood

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Peter Capaldi is possibly the biggest Doctor Who fan to have ever got the job. Wrote to the producers when he was a child and acted out the scripts in front of his mirror. Formed a Doctor Who fanclub in 1974 when he was 15 and walked around wearing a long Tom Baker scarf (I did this a few years later). He was a geek at school who didn’t like football. How can I not like him? And thanks to The Thick of It not only do I think he’s fantastic but we know he can do INTENSE and ANGER like almost no other.

I’m massively looking forward to his (hopefully) many years of tenure as The Doctor and hope he can return the character to the more detached, fatherly Doctor us Classic Who fans preferred.

Paul Blewitt


Doctor Who has always been a series of hit and miss. Mostly hit. Oh, and the occassional Deus Ex Machina. The personality of the Doctor has changed along with his looks each time. Out of the new Who, Eccleston’s Doctor was fun but equally harsh. Tennants’s Doctor became very happy-go-lucky, and Smith’s was manipulative and a bit bonkers. With the announcement of the new Doctor, I think the personality is something that I’m more looking forward to seeing.

We’ve seen Peter Capaldi playing the father, looking out for his son in the first two seasons of Skins, the head of a household in the Doctor Who season 4 episode: “The Fire’s of Pompeii” and the weasel politician in Torchwood’s Children of Earth. Heck, we’ve even seen him as the foul mouthed whip in The Thick of It. Not to mention starring in the last section of World War Z. Capaldi has had a varied acting career in the mainstream so far. But none of the characters have really resembled anything close to the Doctor. But that doesn’t mean he can’t…

But as I was alluding to in the first paragraph, the personality in the new Doctor should be interesting. I’d hedge my bets that he’d become more of a father figure. Will he be more politically motivated? Will he be a short tempered Doctor? Or will he not use any of the traits from his past works? As with the connections between actors that have played multiple characters across time in both Doctor Who and Torchwood, will the Pompeii father and slimey politician from Torchwood be involved somehow? I would like to think that, like Clara – there’s a story behind why he appears the way that he does, given the previous appearances of Capaldi in the series. But then, if anyone can write a reason into it, it’s got to be Moffat…

David OsbonDavid Osbon

I’ll admit to being a lapsed Doctor Who fan. Tom Baker was my Doctor he had an edge and a sense of being light and dark in the same stroke. When Sylvester McCoy became the seventh Doctor my empathy with the character was destroyed. Since the turn of the century I have only seen a handful of episodes. Alas, Doctor Who has not allowed me the same depth of connection as it did in the 70’s and 80’s.

With the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor those old feelings of how great it was to have an older actor spinning the Tardis through the galaxy. At 55 years old it makes him the same age as William Hartnell when he became the first Dr. Who. Here’s hoping this is the return of my Time Lord.

Paul Everitt Nerds HexPaul Everitt

Every time a new Doctor is set to board the TARDIS, my stomach flips and turns. Excitement growing as more and more rumours surface. Debates begin on who will take control of the blue box, and then the announcement occurs. Peter Capaldi was announced this past week and I for one am so excited, excited for the possibilities that have gone through my head.

I’ll admit when I was reading the supposed short list and saw Peter’s name, he was definitely one of my first choices. Yes he’s older, but only the same age as William Hartnell when the series first began. Besides it will prove interesting to see how the writers adjust the character for his new maturity. How they have the companions and the new Doctor relate to each other…will we see a new darker edge to the Doctor? I think so.

There’s so much potential for the new Doctor that I’m giddy with excitement. Still not sure, wait till his first episode. Lets see what he can bring to the role and I think you’ll all be pleasantly surprised.

EmcouldbebetterEmily King

I’m probably the least excited out of everyone on the site. My well documented (listen to past episodes of the Nerds Assemble podcast) love/hate relationship with Doctor Who means that I’m more anxious about Peter Capaldi’s appointment as the Doctor than anyone else here. I’m hoping that this change will lead to be liking more episodes than I have for several series of the show, but I can’t be too hopeful.

There’s never been one actor in the relaunched Who that I’ve felt a particular affinity towards, so I’m always indifferent when it comes to the Doctor’s regeneration. However, as this announcement is likely affecting the plot of the 50th anniversary special – which is airing in November – I am keen to at least see what events lead us to having Capaldi take up the Time Lord’s mantle.

What do you think about the choice of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor? As ever, let us know in the comments below or via Twitter or Facebook.

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