If there’s one company that has always entertained me since I was a kid, it’s Nintendo. I’ve been a big defender of Nintendo in the past. Including letting Rare slip away from their fingers (although knowing the back-story, it’s actually a case of Nintendo being shafted either way). It’s rare that I’ll admit that Nintendo slipped with the ball. Have they with the 2DS?

Well, the thing is, is that I know that some people struggle with 3D. Although you can turn the 3D setting off, it’s annoying that you have to buy something and turn off features. The 2DS announcement does mean that you can keep the extra power of the 3DS and backwards compatibility and just get what you pay for. Not to mention, as Reggie pointed out, that does mean children under 7 can use it. My main concern is actually the positioning of the controls. Users of previous DS systems will notice that the controls are far higher. Will it be better? I’m unsure. I think it will stop people using the bottom touch screen so much.

Nintendo, since the Wii and the Gameboy Advance, have always released updated hardware. It’s just so unexpected that this time it will be a minor downgrade. Overall though, it is good for consumer choice. I just wish that Nintendo would concentrate on breathing life into the Wii U instead of trying to bolster an already successful system – though I understand why they did. Let’s just hope they do something to help get the bigger third party developers on board.

But back to the hardware – I don’t really see it as a problem, more of something that doesn’t really matter to me. I have my original 3DS and the only other version I’m that jealous of is the XL. I would love that bigger screen. I prefer the folding design to protect the screens rather than the open design, which is much easier to scratch or crack.

It’s just an unfortunate truth that in order for games to be made for a console, the console itself needs to have an established audience. The 3DS already has an established audience – hopefully this will mean even more games will come to the console. If only it’s bigger brother was this well loved…