I had a brief panic on Friday. The hard copy version of the Pathfinder core rules book hadn’t turned-up. While I’d been studying up on the rules in a PDF version, I was counting on having a hard copy available so that the players could easily flick through the pages during the character creation process. Thankfully the book finally turned up on Saturday, but I was worried. Just imagine how impractical it would have been to have had everyone trying to crowd around a tiny tablet screen with a PDF version of the book – urk.

Supplies for players

No offence to the people who will be joining me on Tuesday, but several of them have never played a roleplay game before, so I didn’t expect them to bring things like dice, notebooks or pencils. In fact, having read a load of the “Game Mastery Guide”, I have decided to follow the suggestion that as host and GM I should probably ensure that people have access to these things. In order to facilitate this, I bought a huuuuuuuuge bag of dice that people can share and a whole load of cheap notebooks and mechanical pencils.

The last thing I need to sort out in terms of supplies is a bunch of character sheets so that they can sort out their characters a-okay on Tuesday. And I also picked-up a game mat after deciding that my plans for a high-tech map system (I was gonna hook up a computer to the TV and show maps and characters on there) was not feasible given the programmes I had available. I’d say that with the rise of devices with HDMI/mini-HDMI ports and TVs with said ports, it would be cool if someone could come up with a map app/programme that displays a grid map of an area, avatars and player characters and opponents and everyone’s initiative when the time for battle commences – which you could display on a telly.

Currently there’s a rough draft of the starting continent area on a Skitch file. I’ve been adding to it here and there.

Pathfinder Cleric 1Currently dreading

I’m worried that someone might decide to be a cleric. After spending forever looking at all the domains they can pick from, depending on alignment and deity, I just feel like it would take an age to set-up. Though I am willing to help someone to create a cleric if they really, really want to be one. I mean, look at the example image they include in the guide – she looks badass.

And the whole Channel Energy seems pretty cool, especially with how alignment affects it. Basically – health or pain. But there are so many domains! And this is just in the core rules… I have no idea how things might be in other expansions to the game.

Tuesday is going to be interesting.

Worth checking out

The people over at DawnforgedCast have got a pretty reasonable set of videos online about how to play Pathfinder. I watched a couple of them this week in order to help me get my head around some of the stuff I was reading in the rule books. Check out the first video below: