Wolverine has always been one of my favourite Marvel characters. He may be the best at what he does, but to me it’s about his journey. From his days roaming the forests allowing his animal instincts to take over. To his time in Japan learning the ways of the Samurai. His journey has been full of adventure, fights and personal discovery. So when I was asked if I would put together my top six Wolverine story arcs – must reads for any Wolverine fan, how could I say no. So here it is my six personal favourite story arcs from Wolverine. Let me know if you agree or perhaps if I’ve missed one that you think is equally important as the ones below.

Origin WolverineOrigin

Written by Paul Jenkins, Bill Jemas, Joe Quesada and illustrated by Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove

In at number one, a story which depicts Wolverines humble beginnings. Showing us for the first time Logan as a boy before his mutant powers kick in. It’s a glorious story showcasing the inner turmoil that hounds our favourite X-Man. With moments of horror anger and love, Origin is a tremendous story – belonging in any comic collection.

Editor’s note: Origin has recently been adapted into an animation.

Kitty Pryde and WolverineKitty Pryde and Wolverine

Written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by Al Milgrom

Next in my list is the first story I remember reading, which gave me a little peek into Logan’s past in Japan. Featuring Kitty Pryde and originally published in 1984, Kitty Pryde and Wolverrine was the first mini series that really showed us the blossoming brother sister relationship between the two X-Men. One that has really grown over the years. It also introduced us to one of Logan’s first enemies: Ogun. A great story by the master Chris Claremont.

Wolverine Fatal AttractionFatal Attractions

Written by Fabian Nicieza, Scott Lobdell and illustrated by Greg Capullo, Joe Quesada, Andy Kubert, Adam Kubert, Ken Lashley and John Romita, Jr.

The first time I read Fatal Attractions, I remember a tear rolling down my cheek at the end. Caught in the horror of the events unfolding in front of my eyes. This was an X-Men story, but I feel it needed to be in this list. The story’s narrative was not the strongest, yet it had the return of the X-Men’s most famous adversary – Magneto. Boy does he have a surprise in store for our favourite mutant! It heralded a new era for Wolverine, showing me a more vulnerable side to the Canadian.

Wolverine vol 1 The BrotherhoodWolverine, Vol. 1: The Brotherhood

Written by Greg Rucka and illustrated by Darick Robertson

Personally I love the story arcs that show Logan as a bit of a loner. When you combine this with his own brand of justice and a detective story – you can be on to a winner. A great example of this and one of my favourite stories is Brotherhood. When one of his neighbours is murdered and he reads her journal – insisting that he should never forget her. Logan goes in search of the murderers – unleashing his own brand of justice.

Wolverine Weapon X comicWolverine: Weapon X

Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Ron Garney and Jason Keith

Along my own journey with Wolverine, I’ve always been fascinated when more of his past has been revealed. I love the fact that there are so many layers to the character. So much history and events that have shaped his character. Therefore this wouldn’t be much of a list without the first story, which unveiled some of the mystery behind the man. Weapon X gave us our first hint of Wolverines origin….particularly his adamantium skeleton. A great story that managed to replace the mystery with even more intrigue.

Wolverine Get Mystique - smallWolverine: Get Mystique

Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Ron Garney

The final story in my top six was a real tour de force. The first time I picked it up I literally couldn’t put it down. Set in the aftermath of X-Men: Messiah Complex this mini-series sees Logan out for revenge. Driven by his rage the Get Mystique showcases just why Wolverine appeals to me. With a few twists and turns and unexpected revelations, revealing some of the mystery behind these two characters. It’s a whirlwind of a story that remains with you forever!

So there you have my top six must read Wolverine stories. There’s loads more and to be fair I found this quite difficult not to ramble on. So do you agree? What other stories would you have in your top six? Comment below.