Werewolves or Lycans have appeared in various guises, ever since I can remember. On the big screen, games and books, they have been reinvented – little twists added to their history. Some have proven very successful, whilst others have failed and made us scream in frustration! A couple of months ago, my lovely fiancé was raving about a new series of books, she had found on Amazon. With Lycans being the main characters. Intrigued I checked out the website and saw the dreaded words: novels of romantic suspense with a paranormal theme. I shuddered with nightmares of Twilight flashing before my eyes. This really didn’t sound like my cup of tea. However my fiancé was rather insistent, even telling me to just ignore the mushy bits! So I decided to take a plunge and started reading Bonded by Nicky Charles.

Secret lives

Set in a world where Lycans live amongst humans in secret. The book opens up with a little history about purists and the Book of Law, before introducing us to the main characters Brandi Johannsen and Reno Smith. Two Lycans whose life’s become irrevocably entwined during the course of the book. The events of the novel transpire over three years. Introducing you to Lycan Link an organisation which works under the radar, helping Lycans to live undetected by humans.

As the story unravels we see the Lycans having to deal with normal day to day life. The author very tactfully introduces us to other elements. Issues encountered in our world such as racism are dealt with rather subtlety, making you relate to the story on a different level. The characterisation and world created by the author, drags you into the pages by the throat. The story unravels at a fairly fast pace. Begging you to turn page after page. Sucking you into the Lycans world, I really couldn’t help but devour the whole book within a few days. Let me tell you, this doesn’t happen very often nowadays.

Bonded review

Pack life

The author has really done their homework, mixing traits of pack life with real wolves within her Lycan characters. The pack is led by an Alpha -they look out for one another and when in wolf form, they feel like real wolves. I instantly fell in love with how the author dealt with her characters having two personalities. During the book the wolf would talk with their human and vice versa. I guess you could say they have multiple personalities. With the Wolf character sometimes at odds with its human counterpart. Animal instincts trying to compete with human rationale and vice versa. It was refreshing to see something new added to the mix. Something that added a unique twists making the characters pop off the page even more.

I’m not one for mushy romance, yet even these parts didn’t detract from the pure genius in storytelling. It felt more natural as if it belonged. It wasn’t just slipped in like some novels to add some naughtiness. If anything the blood bond that the Lycans form, truly fascinated me. Adding another depth to the overall story. Yes there was sex scenes but then there was action and suspense. Fights taking place at the top of an abandoned mine. Characters homes being blown up! Undercover operations against the purists. All twisting and turning, creating a web of intrigue. One that becomes quite difficult to put down.

Worth a read?

Misc-goodBonded is an enjoyable romp. The added depths to the Lycan legend make for an interesting and captivating landscape. With great characters that you really begin to relate to. Mixing the paranormal with today’s everyday life, gels extremely well. There’s action, suspense and a dash of saucy romance. Really catering for everyone. This is what Twilight could have been instead of stupid twinkling Vampires. Even better this brilliant masterpiece is free on the kindle store. Yep that’s right free! What are you waiting for….grab it and give it a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised. This is the first in a whole series and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the next one.

Bonded by Nicky Charles is available for free on the Amazon UK , Canada and US Kindle stores, as well as Smashwords and Feedbooks. Nicky Charles website.